Selasa, 27 November 2012

Vision For Company

a Company or an organization suppose to has a vision. because vision is a heart of the company or an organization it self. vision is heart, vision is spirit as well. without vision a company doesn't has future. that's why understanding about vision is very important for the hole company as staffs or an owner. knowing vision, it means same heart, same spirit, same passion will make job easier, will make comfortable during working time, because every body know what they do in the company or organization. unfortunately, not all of staff always understand about the vision that their company or organization has. they are know about the vision but they are not knowing the vision. staff who like this will work as they want. maybe just work, earn money, and that's all, no spirit, no anthusiasm. and the worst thing is our customer can feel it. it is different talking with some body who live the company's vision with somebody who just working in the company. how if we have a staff like that? I am studying in IMI Switzerland. actually, this university has a great vision from a great owner. the lectures has a same spirit with the owner, friendly, nicely, kindly, etc. they know exactly why they built the University, why they do so much work. BUT!! different with administration staff, they are so poor, so arrogance, so bossy, never see the student, always see what student has, money. never help student with full heart, doesn't has loyalty. this staff not live in the same vision with the owner, they just know money and money. they attract so many student from many different country but after they are here, they not get what they said, they not get everything like in promotion day. they work like f**k up!! So arrogance, like the student can go here because of them and because of that student must be submit to them. people can not submit with some body because of his position. leadership is about influence, not because you have high position. Leadership is if you are not in high position again and people still listen and follow you, that is leadership. young man like me know about this principle, and why they who older than me don't know about this. work without has company's vision will be destroy the company itself. lose vision means lose trust from the customer. lose customer means no future for the company. so if you have staff like that what should you do? GBU

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